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Lights, Camera, Action! Virtual Visits To Los Angeles

Quarantining is a great time to discover more about places you've always wanted to visit. It's like homework for a future trip. With this in mind, the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board has been creating content to give you a glimpse at all things Los Angeles.

Each night celebrate "Magic Hour" with their nightly sunset livestream from Venice Beach's Hotel Erwin, beginning at 6:30 PST.

In addition to watching a classic Los Angeles sunset, you can virtually visit some of the City of Angels' most famous movie sites - from the jazz café Ryan Gosling liked to frequent in La La Land, to the bar where Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt meet up with Al Pacino in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, to where Harrison Ford tries to escape Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner.

Take a virtual tour of LA's first UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Hollyhock House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, or brush up on your volleyball skills with VolleyCamp Hermosa's webinars.

Just imagine perfecting your spike in your living room. Start with these virtual visits to Los Angeles, then let us help you plan a trip when it's safe to travel again.

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