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Want To Support Tourism While We Wait To Travel?

The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the COVID crisis. While we are anxiously awaiting the time when it's safe to travel, here's a couple of ways you can help support the tourism community:

*Give the gift of future travel. Consider buying a gift certificate at your favorite hotel. Your dollars spent on future travel will help them pay staff during this global crisis.

*Follow your favorite hospitality industry brands online. By staying in touch on social media during the COVID crisis, you can help boost the engagement numbers of your favorite hotels, restaurants and tour operators. In exchange, you can do a little armchair travel from home, enjoying resort photos and videos, recipes from noted chefs and wellness tips from spa experts.

*Purchase from Online Shops. Your favorite hotel or restaurant may be closed, but you can still support them and their staff by purchasing goods from their online stores.

For example, stock up on pantry supplies from Tennessee's famed Blackberry Farms, order spa goods from California's Golden Door or even consider purchasing wine from your favorite winery, like Paso Robles Justin Vineyards.

Let's do what we can to support tourism. If you have a trip planned in the immediate future, consider postponing instead of canceling. Until we can travel again, let's keep dreaming of our next trip!

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