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The Data Is In. Travel Can Be Good For Your Health.

After months of being quarantined at home, many of us are feeling a little stir-crazy. Did you know that planning a trip is good for your health? The idea of being free to explore a new destination or a tried-and-true favorite place is the ultimate stress reliever. Here are a few reasons why there's no time like the present to start thinking about a vacation getaway:

Travel Increases Your Happiness Quotient

A study by Cornell University found that looking forward to a travel experience brings more joy than the anticipation of purchasing material goods. Planning a trip for you and your loved ones can make you feel great about your health, your family's economic situation and your overall general quality of life—especially after the last few months have seemed like Groundhog Day.

Travel Helps Reduce Stress

Just thinking about spending a couple of days away from your everyday environments like work and home and partaking in new activities like walks on the beach or sightseeing can help you relaxing and feel your shoulders loosen. Vacations near water are especially stress-reducing and can bring about creativity and insight.

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Travel Reduces Depression

During this COVID pandemic, many of us have been experiencing a bit of depression, whether that comes from the anxiety of worrying about the future or just an overall malaise associated with being restricted to limited activities. Vacations are a time to be free from homeschooling the kids or struggling to maintain workloads while at home. Planning a trip is like scheduling an opportunity to let your mind and body reset.

Travel Enriches Your Life

We all get bogged down with work deadlines, household upkeep and maintaining relationships with family and friends. Travel exposes you to new, diverse cultures and traditions and opens your mind to new perspectives. It's also a great time to create lasting memories with loved ones. Isn't that what's important in life?

Whether a weekend road trip is in your not-so-distant future or a bigger trip is on the agenda for 2021, start thinking about making plans now! Remember, it's good for your health.

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