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The World Awaits: Our Best Bets for 2022

Anticipating a vacation is almost as sweet as taking that vacation – especially when it’s been planned well in advance by a professional. The first step is to book an appointment with us to sketch out your travel road map. A five-year plan, for example, means a family reunion in the Maldives, a milestone birthday with the gals in Tuscany, or a boys’ trip to St. Andrews, Scotland, for a historic round of golf is made easy. 

While you’re planning into 2023, 2024 and beyond, let’s look at where we can send you in 2022. 

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Good Bets for Summer 2022

Why not head back to the culture and excitement of big cities and rediscover the joy of live theatre in New York? Chicago’s architecture is a treat – book the must-do river tour early. Never strolled the Walk of Fame or explored the wild intersection of Hollywood and Vine in Los Angeles? It’s just one small corner in a city of "I saw that on TV" landmarks (watch for celebs on hikes in Runyon Canyon and Griffith Park). Don’t forget  Washington, D.C.’s incredible array of museums and historic sites – make history come alive for you and your brood. 

If you’re looking for a long-haul getaway, what about South America? Peru is just entering its dry season with bright, sunny days to explore the ruins of Machu Picchu. Or newly opened  Australia? The Southern Hemisphere is enjoying fall and heading into winter – cooler temperatures make it a good time to explore the outback and Western Australia.

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Good Bets for Fall 2022

If you’re ready to cruise again, this is the perfect time to book a cabin for fall sailings as so much is available. Italy is always a good idea, and shoulder season is simply less busy with all the same food, wine, and scenery you’re longing to enjoy. The winding streets of Venice are much more fun with fewer crowds, so let’s book that much delayed romantic getaway! Perhaps it’s time to search out those family roots? Hotel availability opens up throughout the U.K. and Ireland in the fall —  get your craicon at your ancestors’ favorite local! And if you’re ready for a long-haul flight, explore Cape Town and drive the Garden Route coastline to explore its beaches and wineries.

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Good Bets for 2022 Festive Season 

The bright lights and festive cheer of London in December are a great backdrop to your family plans, and side trips to the Alps are easily reached via Eurostar’s Ski Train. Want something warmer? Israel’s holy sites offer a soul-renewing pilgrimage for many, and make sure to take restorative side trips to the Dead Sea and the ruins of Masada. More travelers are returning to Egypt to explore the Great Pyramids of Giza. Combine a visit to Cairo with river tours along the Nile for a spectacular holiday season. Booking now will help make your festive season merrier this year.

Plan now, pack later, and reap the benefits of your travel advisor’s expertise.

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