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How Far Will Your Sweet Tooth Take You?

Discovering new cuisines in new countries is one of the pleasures of travel. Biting into a freshly made macaron on the Champs-Élysées makes it so much more delicious. For your final course, pass on the cheese plate and sink your teeth into these classic treats in their country of origin.

France: Chocolate mousse, made the French way (with eggs, no cream), is denser and richer and truly out of this world. C’est magnifique!

New Orleans: Beignet, a deep-fried square doughnut piled high with icing sugar, is best served with strong coffee and eaten in an outdoor café in the French Quarter. Extra napkins, please.

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Mexico: Pastel de Tres Leches, or three milk cake, is a dense sponge cake steeped in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. It’s decadent, yet light and airy, too.

Portugal: Pastel de nata– the sweet creamy custard nestled in a tart of scorched puff pastry and dusted with cinnamon is one of Portugal’s great gifts to the world.

Jamaica: Rum cake –  more than one bottle of booze is used to bake this dark, luscious fruitcake. Then once it’s out of the oven, more rum is poured on top for good measure. 

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Southern Italy: Zeppole –  the deep-fried, bite-sized doughnuts can be savory or sweet. Dough that’s twisted into small shapes is best eaten hot, but also try zeppole filled with pastry cream and chocolate.

England: Eton Mess – dip your silver spoon into a gorgeous mix of crisp meringue, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Enjoy with a strong cuppa.

Quebec: Tarte au sucre, or sugar pie, is a French-Canadian classic. A thickened maple syrup filling on a flaky pie crust is a sweet way to welcome spring. 

Vacation calories never count, right? Let’s plan a trip to your favorite treat.

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