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The Experts of Expedition Cruising

Adventurous travelers can finally check some of the boxes on their bucket lists with this hot new trend. Expedition-style cruising is the best way to get up close and personal with some of the wildest places on earth without sacrificing any of the luxury boutique cruises are known for.

A pioneer of eco-tourism for the past 50 years, Lindblad Expeditions is an industry-standard for expedition travel. Founder Lars-Eric Lindblad brought the first group of non-scientific travelers to Antarctica. Since then, their expanding fleet has brought guests to experience the wilds of the Galápagos, Alaska, Costa Rica, Panama, and much more. A 100% carbon-neutral operation, Lindblad hopes to inspire travelers to explore and protect the planet.

Silversea Cruises is known for curating adventures for the curious traveler. With Silversea Expeditions, guests are whisked off to some of the most remote corners of the world, like the Russian Far East, all without sacrificing their high standard of luxury. By day, you’ll kayak along the coast with one of the onboard experts. By night, guests can enjoy lectures alongside gourmet cuisine and unwind in your expansive suite.

Founded 35 years ago, Seabourn is a mainstay of luxury cruising experiences. However, there’s exciting news on the horizon. This brand will be launching expedition-style cruises this December on the Seabourn Venture. This ship can go where few others can—the Arctic, the Amazon, and Antarctica with state-of-the-art advanced maneuvering technology. With an onboard Expedition Team of historians, scientists and naturalists, guests will leave not only with unforgettable memories but a wealth of knowledge.

With so many incredible experiences to choose from, knowing where to start can seem daunting. That’s where we come in—to help you select the cruise line and destination that fits with your style of travel.

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