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Dust Off Your Documents

If you didn’t spend your time in lockdown flipping through the pages of your passport, gazing at those international entry stamps simply to relive trips overseas, then it’s time to make sure your ticket to ride is still valid.

Whether frequent flyers let their documents expire during the pandemic or some other circumstance required applying for a new or replacement passport, the State Department is currently projecting an 18-week delay as it faces a backlog of applications, according to an article by AARP. Even those who pay for expedited service face a wait of up to 12 weeks.

If planning more immediate travel, CIBTvisas is an excellent resource to get your documents processed more quickly. Regular turnaround can be as little as six to eight weeks, while expedited service can get you a new passport in as little as five days as long as you have proof of a booking. 

Whatever your circumstances, having us on your side is the key to stress-free vacation planning. Have additional questions about the passport renewal process? 

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