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Satisfy that Thirst for Travel!

Half of the fun of exploring is sampling the local food and drink that you just can’t get in your own neck of the woods – even if you’ve only crossed state or provincial lines. Why not base your next trip in a city renowned for the quality of its quaff? Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking and drinking:

West Coast

San Diego County is home to 120 microbreweries – start your craft beer crawl along the Hops Highway between Oceanside through Escondido to get you started. Prefer Seattle? Just north of the downtown, a walking tour through the Ballard neighborhood and its brewpubs will keep you busy all day.

Serious suds heads should land in Portland to discover its many makers of sours, IPAs and saisons. Or try one of British Columbia’s many ale trails, but let’s start in downtown Victoria, on Vancouver Island. This is the heart of Canada’s West Coast craft beer scene and Brewery Bay has a walkable ring of brewpubs and breweries that surround the Upper Harbor.

East Coast

Vermont is known as the birthplace of the New England IPA, so come and indulge in fresh air and fine beer; Boston has long been a hot spot for incredible beer – no matter what neighbourhood you’re in there’s a good brewpub waiting for you. Drive into Quebec and discover Montreal’s hip craft brews, some of the country’s top brasseur’s stock a city full of artisanal brew pubs.

Microbrews, small-batch sours, incredible IPAs, let’s find your new favorite drink. 



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