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Hurray for Hollywood!

Movies may be one of the best ways to kickstart your wanderlust, here’s are some of our favorites:

To Catch a Thief (1955) Oh, la, la! Once you take your eyes of Grace Kelly’s stunning wardrobe, the ocean views, rocky cliffs, and corniche roads of the French Riviera will remind you why it’s time to book your flight. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a Cary Grant lookalike amongst the jet set in Monaco or strolling the flower market in Nice. 

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) Watch Diane Lane play a divorcee who recovers from heartbreak in Italy by impulsively buying a fixer-upper in Tuscany. A rom-com that makes you remember why la dolce vita is what makes this country so special.

The Bucket List (2007) A feel-good film where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play unlikely travel buddies on a deadline to see as much of the world as they can -- everywhere from the Taj Mahal to Africa to Egypt, with a whole lot of globetrotting in between. 

The Jungle Cruise (2021) Sure the plot is based on a Disney theme-park ride, but this rollicking adventure makes us long for the thrill of discovery. As Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt’s characters sail up the Amazon river, we can’t stop thinking about the wonder and wildlife of Galapagos.

How can we make your big-screen dreams come true?

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