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Marvelous Mexico

Sand, sun, and fun are three good reasons why Mexico continues to be a popular escape. But there are even better reasons why the country has been crowned ‘Destination of the Year’ by Travel + Leisure magazine. Travelers will always head back to old favorites such as Cancun and Puerto Vallarta (what’s not to love?), but we’d like to point out a few other hot spots to add to consider this year.                                      

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Mexico City, or Ciudad de México (CDMX), is one of the liveliest North American capitals for cuisine, culture, and sports. Food tours will show you the best spots for tacos, tlacoyo, and why you shouldn’t go home without ordering sweet, jiggly nicuatole for dessert one night. The art scene – even the street art – is worth exploring, don’t miss the contemporary exhibits of Museo Tamayo and Museo Jumex, and one of Mexico’s largest galleries, Kurimanzutto. And why not live like a local and take in a live football (soccer) game – CDMX has many teams, but the top four are: América, Guadalajara, Cruz Azul, and Universidad Nacional.

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In Baja, stay north if you want to skip the non-stop party of Los Cabos and go out adventuring instead. The Espiritu Santo archipelago in the northwest is known as "the world’s aquarium." This protected marine park is rich in biodiversity. Accommodations in nearby La Paz are well known for their off-the-grid authenticity, but new hotels have opened that also bring off-the-grid refinement. Head out for a day of whale watching, snorkeling, and diving, or shred the dunes with a sandboard (think snowboarding on warmer hills).

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In Quinta Roo (just north of Belize), you’ll find Lake Bacalar -- nicknamed the Lagoon of Seven Colors. With a name like that, it’s no wonder visitors often call the area one of the most beautiful in Mexico. The water here changes color – from dark blue to pale purple -- depending on the depth of the limestone below and where the sun sits in the sky. The 26-mile long lagoon and laid-back local vibe make it an excellent spot to kick back in a new crop of boutique hotels that focus on sustainability without sacrificing frills. 

Big city? Artsy town? Long gorgeous beach? Or a trip that takes you to all three? Let’s start planning!

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