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Best Bags for New Adventures This Year

Wherever you are going this year, you’ll need a good bag to get you there. Here’s our pick for the best bags of 2022.



Take a stand for the world you are exploring by ensuring your luggage is carbon neutral and the company that makes it is offsetting its energy. Paravel and Monos are two chic, direct-to-consumer brands that use recycled materials and make products built to last.


High-End Head-Turners

There’s nothing like a well-made piece that you can pass on to the next generation, and that’s not something you can usually say about luggage. Invest in a vintage-looking Globe-Trotter piece for the classy traveler (we love the carry-on reminiscent of Lady Di’s iconic sheep sweater), or the sleek, lightweight aluminum cases from Rimowa for the serious globetrotter; and for the fashionista? Aviteur’s made in Italy, leather bags designed by Patricia Gucci are a must carry.


Adventure Ready 

Sometimes, your luggage needs to be as rugged as the trip you’re about to test yourself on. In that case, environmental leader Patagonia offers a sturdy, water-resistant rolling duffel in multiple sizes.


Bold and Fun

Let the kids pack a bag of distractions in their pint-sized luggage. Adorable and striking designs are the hallmark of American Tourister and Heys. May we suggest the baby Yoda from AT? And at Heys, fans can support their favorite NBA, NHL, or MLB team with branded bags.

Love it when your luggage turns heads in the airport? Where are you and your bags going to next?


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