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Exclusive Aman Private Jet Expedition Across China, Bhutan, India & Sri Lanka

8-24 October 2017

From 8 to 24 October 2017, embark on an unforgettable journey from the north to the south of Asia by luxury private jet. Discover the treasures of the east on an exclusive adventure covering cities, mountains, jungle and beach; spend your days exploring and your nights in the unsurpassed elegance of Asia’s Aman destinations.

Starting at the stunning new Aman Shanghai, your gateway to China's most cosmopolitan city, continue your 17-day journey to the pretty city of Lijiang and on to the mystic kingdom of Bhutan to discover the sacred secrets of Himalayan Buddhism. Installed in the lush oasis of Amanbagh, explore ancient Indian ruins, and from your luxury tented camp, pursue the Royal Bengal tigers of Ranthambore National Park. Immerse yourself in colonial elegance at Amangalla, built into the stone of the Galle Fort, and utterly unwind in oceanfront opulence on the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

This fabulous adventure is available to eight couples who will fly on two Gulfstream G200s, with four couples per jet. Excursions will include a private car, driver and guide for each couple, and evenings will offer fabulous cocktail parties to mingle with your fellow adventurers in fascinating locales.

Get in touch us and prepare yourself for the world of treasures and experiences that await you on this once-in-a-lifetime expedition.

Begin your adventure amid the the peaceful settings of a sacred camphor woodland in the newest Aman property just outside Shanghai. Indulge in world-class cuisines and expertly crafted cocktails in the unique surroundings of what was once a tranquil Chinese village. This is your starting point to discover the fascinating sights of interest in Shanghai, from The Bund and the French Concession streets to the beautiful Yu Gardens, the most celebrated Chinese gardens in the city. Explore the culture that permeates the contemporary art district of M50 before returning to Aman for a farewell dinner with your fellow travelers.

Journey by private jet onwards to the pretty region of Lijiang in northwest Yunnan Province, whose old town is so well preserved it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. At Amandayan, set in the lush green Chinese countryside, you can wander amid traditional Naxi-style dwellings and courtyards and take tea and delectable dim sum with a view. From Amandayan, explore the beautiful Old Town with its canals and walkways, meet learned herbal medicine men and local embroiderers and discover Mu Mansion - the perfectly restored palatial residence of the region’s ancient elders. Take a scenic drive to a vantage point from which you can observe the snowy ridges that form the Jade Dragon’s back and enjoy a classic Chinese cultural performance. After each day, indulge with a relaxing traditional treatment at the spa or take in authentic Peking opera with after-dinner drinks.

Climb aboard the jet once again and set a course for Bhutan, and its capital city of Thimphu. Here in the last remaining Himalayan Buddhist kingdom, a succession of whitewashed lodges, designed in the ancient Dzong style, surround a central courtyard, standing in a blue pine forest. And from here at peaceful Amankora Thimphu, you are well placed to discover the unique Bhutanese culture in this charming city. Browse the weekend market, packed with the smells and colors of local produce and spices, as well as handmade crafts and trinkets. Visit the astrology school, monasteries and temples to immerse yourself in the spirituality of this fascinating kingdom and its ancient traditions and firmly-held beliefs. Tour the city’s museum, seat of government and memorials for a sense of how things are done nowadays and engage in discussions about Bhutan’s philosophy of Gross National Happiness over local delicacies with important local leaders.

Onwards to the home to some of Bhutan’s most sacred sights. Paro is the kingdom’s cultural heart. Nestled in stunning brush forest, Amankora Paro blends perfectly with the scenery - the ideal base from which to explore this naturally beautiful area filled with iconic treasures. Repose amid rustic earthen walls, with a warming fire in your suite, which enjoys views of the landscaped central courtyard or the valleys and streams beyond. During your stay, you’ll discover the treasures of historic Bhutan, including the fascinating Paro Dzong, also known as the Fortress of the Heap of Jewels, with its labyrinthine complex of temples and towers, and the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery. Clinging to the clifftop, this hauntingly beautiful sacred place is accessible only by an adventurous hike up Paro valley’s winding mountain trails, and intrepid climbers are rewarded by unparalleled views from the top.

The chance to explore India's Pink City is not to be missed so you’ll make your touchdown in Rajasthan's Jaipur. Browse its bustling bazaars for jewelry and textiles and marvel at its sunset-hued architecture before you journey to Alwar and regal Amanbagh, with its pavilions, domes and walled courtyards. Once the site for staging royal hunts, the resort sits in a lush green oasis amid sandy dunes and immerses guests in Rajasthani elegance. Cruise through the rural villages by jeep to meet and take tea with the friendly locals. Retire each evening to the delights of your suite at Amanbagh with its shady private courtyard overlooking lush manicured gardens.

Take a scenic drive through the dramatic terrain of northern India’s frontier lands to Ranthambore National Park. Once a royal hunting ground for the maharajas and their guests to pursue Bengal tigers, it became a protected national park in 1955 and the vast sprawl of grassland and brush forest now teems with spectacular exotic wildlife. Here you’ll have unparalleled access to lands roamed by tigers, leopards, hyenas, sloth bears, crocodiles and chital deer. Bed down on the edge of the park at Aman-i-Khas tented camp, where your air conditioned tent is fully equipped for imperial visitors and distinguished guests. Elegantly partitioned with cotton, draped to resemble the camps favored by those hunting parties of yesteryear, it leads out onto a raised deck from which to marvel at the surrounding beauty of the Aravalli Hills. At dawn and dusk embark on guided safaris to spot the many exotic beasts and birds of the park, and take a trek on camelback to a hilltop for sunset and sundowners. As night falls, enjoy delicacies and live traditional performances in the dining tent or by the waters of the resort’s pool - the perfect way to bid farewell to India.

After landing in Sri Lanka’s colorful capital, Colombo, you’ll journey southwards down the coast to the historic walled city of Galle, built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and later taken over by the Dutch. Immerse yourself in the colonial comfort of beautiful Amangalla, built into the very walls of the fort. At The Baths, the hotel’s tranquil spa, the therapies echo the city’s mix of traditional, modern, east and west with an extensive menu of the newest beauty and wellbeing treatments as well as authentic ayurvedic remedies. Take in the charms of this town steeped in history and imbued with the accents of the Dutch and Portuguese who built its fort and churches, and discover the rich indigenous culture that beats beneath. Tour the national and archeological museums, shop for gemstones in the bustling bazaar and take a private tour of the fortress and its ramparts with your butler. Retire in luxury each evening and dine on delectable Sri Lankan cuisine.

The final stop on your journey brings you to the southern coast of Sri Lanka where, amid mature coconut palms, in the heart of Wella Wathuara village and set upon a long stretch of beautiful sandy beach, Amanwella welcomes you with oceanfront tranquility. Not far from the fishing town of Tangalle, where you can experience all the smells and flavors of the local produce market, you also have access to the village paths that wind through the jungle, which is home to photogenic flora and fauna. Ideal for relaxing and reinvigorating at the end of your long adventure, the resort offers yoga sessions on the beach and spacious suites with windows overlooking the ocean and a private plunge pool, perfect for for a peaceful dip. On your final night, say your goodbyes with a spectacular sunset seafood barbecue, attended by fire dancers and live musicians - a fitting way to close an unforgettable journey.

Price: $64,888 per person
Single traveler supplement: $23,000

To see the full day by day itinerary and all terms and conditions contact us.


All prices are based on two persons sharing a room. For those desiring a single room, a single supplement has been provided and is subject to space available (maximum 2 single occupancy travelers).


All prices are quoted in U.S. dollars.

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