• Educational Programs for Travel Advisors

  • Our goal is to assist travel agents and agency owners in achieving remarkable success by aiding the launch, development, growth, and scalability of their dream travel business.


    Whether you're contemplating a career in travel or aiming to expand your agency to achieve seven-figure revenues and beyond, our custom educational programs, consulting services, tools, and resources are carefully designed to support you at every stage of your travel business journey.


    For those just starting out, we offer a Travel Advisor Bootcamp which includes everything you need to successfully establish your travel business within 90 days or less, enabling you to make your first sales swiftly. This program is particularly suitable if you're starting a travel business from scratch. It is designed for those who prefer a quick launch, can work independently, and wish to make a smaller initial investment.


    For those with existing travel businesses wanting to scale their businesses, we have an Elite Program that equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize your travel business for success for scalable growth. It not only teaches you how to transition from a salesperson to a CEO but also provides valuable insights on building a high-performing team. This yearlong mastermind program is tailored for both aspiring and experienced travel agency owners who aspire to become travel hosts, cultivate exceptional teams, and achieve seven-figure sales and beyond. The program includes monthly comprehensive training modules, new-hire licenses, private coaching sessions, live training sessions with our team of experts, and a range of done-for-you resources.

    Throughout the program, you will achieve the following:

    1. Successfully hire and train a competent team to drive sales for your agency.
    2. Acquire a comprehensive roadmap for supporting a thriving travel agency.
    3. Understand proven agency systems for sustainable growth.

    This program is tailored for travel entrepreneurs who possess a growth-oriented mindset. If you are an established travel agent or owner, have started building a team but are frustrated by limited growth or underperformance, desire to grow your agency from top to bottom in the right way, and are eager for tangible results as quickly as possible, then this program is an ideal fit. If you possess a passion for travel and leadership and aspire to excel in the travel industry, this program can help you achieve your goals. Prerequisite requirements include having a minimum of $300,000+ in annual sales. If you do not currently meet these prerequisites, we recommend starting with the Travel Advisor Bootcamp, and upon completion, you will receive a program credit towards the Elite Program.


    Please note that not everyone is suited for this program, and that's perfectly alright. Our programs cater to travel entrepreneurs at all levels of experience, and we are happy to schedule a time to speak with you to determine which program is right for you.