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Your Updated 2022 Packing List

If you haven’t had to pack your bags in a while, it’s time to rethink and upgrade your packing list. You already know what you usually need, but make room in your suitcase for the following:

Vaccine passport/QR code and/or proof of negative COVID-19 test, make it easy to show that you are ready to fly / dine / explore. Download the document onto your phone, or take a photo and save it somewhere that’s easy to pull up quickly.

Testing kits, and pack more than one – these can be fiddly affairs, and mistakes happen when you’re not used to swabbing and swiping and reading the tiny print of the instructions.

More than one mask - Maybe an N95 or KN95 for crowded areas, your favorite cloth mask, a few disposable masks; and a snug neckie/gaiter if you’re headed to a cold destination and could use the warmth it provides. Don't forget the hand sanitizer too!

Travel insurance card – many carriers offer coverage for COVID-19 delays and cancellations. Find the right policy with us and tuck the policy details and contact phone numbers in a safe place. Hopefully, you’ll never need it. 

Our phone number (naturally!) and the tourism board website of your destination. These sites always include the latest news about what tests you need to get and when. Rules can change quickly as the pandemic ebbs and flows – keep an eye on what’s happening while you are away, and reach out to us for clarification. 

A laptop and extra medications – what happens if you or your companion can’t fly home when expected? Sure, you’re going away to disconnect, but if you get stuck in quarantine, you’ll want to be able to log on and work and not run out of your prescriptions. Look at it this way – it could be a good chance to try the life of a digital nomad. 

Getting ready for your getaway? We’ve got ideas to make it easier.

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