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Your Summer Under The Stars

The family-friendly vacation is a great way to spend quality time together and make memories that last a lifetime. But maybe you're the type of person that really prefers a 5-star hotel and could do without the bugs, sleeping on the ground and lack of bathroom facilities. Why not get the best of both worlds with a glamorous camping experience?

Luxury tented camps sometimes referred to as glamorous camping (or glamping), have grown in popularity over the past decade. And many more will open in 2019 and 2020. And these days, they're found just about anywhere on the planet. They can feature platform tents or yurts furnished with feather beds and down comforters, full resort-style amenities, and gourmet camping cuisine.

So, spend the day hiking and enjoying the scenery and sometimes incredible wildlife. Then come back to your camp for afternoon naps, a shower and maybe even an in-tent couples' massage.

Before the evening barbecue, where someone else does the cooking, you can enjoy a glass of champagne or wine on your tent's deck and just chill out. It's a win-win situation, as far as we are concerned.

There are many destinations where you can find one of these incredible experiences. For this story, we'll share three extraordinary places to experience glamorous camping.

British Columbia, Canada

North America's own exotic tenting destination has some fantastic camping resorts to choose from. One such resort offers the ultra-sybaritic eco-safari-style experience. Take a floatplane direct to your resort and settle into lavish canvas tents. Heated if necessary. Dine on contemporary coastal cuisine. Commune with nature. Go whale watching, bear watching, horseback riding, and kayaking. Deep sea- and salmon fishing, hiking, paddle boarding. So many activities. Then relax with healing spa treatments. And completely unplug.

Namibia, Africa

This is currently one of travels' hottest 'it-list' destinations, and you can camp here. One recently opened luxury tented experience is an elegantly vintage experience that features one- and two-bedroom tents – each set on a boulder offering panoramic desert views and styled with a 1920s British colonial vibe. Hand-sourced, one-of-a-kind authentic period pieces, including ornate rugs and precious antiques.

Montana, USA

Not to leave out the old USA, one of the best places to enjoy a glamorous, luxurious camping experience is Montana. One special destination features safari-like tents with fine linens, chic rustic furnishings, a private master bathroom, and, most importantly, a skilled camp chef and a highly attentive camping butler at your beck and call.

Are you ready for the ultimate luxury outdoor experience?

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