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Why it’s Time to Consider Colombia

When you want an exotic holiday but don’t feel like traveling too far to get it – one of South America’s most fascinating countries can scratch that itch. Direct flights to Colombia’s capital city are plentiful, and depending on your location, some are even less than four hours long.

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Bogata’s street-art scene is legendary, mainly because it’s legal to create works of art on buildings big and small. In the lively, historic neighborhood of La Candelaria, property owners even commission pieces. Take a tour to make sure you see the best works of graffiti art. Then dip into the famous culinary scene: dine at the well-established Criterión, Harry Sasson and Andrés Carne de Res, or head to Bogata’s clandestine supper club scene to discover local gastronomy via pop up restaurant.

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Cartagena is when you want a little beach time. The colonial architecture in town is certainly worth exploring and recognized by UNESCO as an area of "outstanding universal value". But with the Rosario Island archipelago about an hour off the Caribbean coast of the city, pack an overnight bag for some unforgettable beach days, kayak tours, and fantastic sunsets. The seafood served on these islands couldn’t be any fresher; order it in beachside bistros where you can wiggle your toes in the white sand.

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Medellin – known as the city of eternal spring – has weather that many deem perfect: average year-round temperatures of 72 F and daily highs over 86 F. Naturally, gardens and parks bloom and flourish gloriously year-round. And while many remember Pablo Escobar as Medellin’s infamous son, the city is also the native home to renowned artist Fernando Botero, whose sculptures are found all over Plaza Botero in the Old Town. Discover the local coffee culture by heading over to the Poblado neighborhood – not just the popular tinto (tiny cups of instant espresso) but rich, hand-crafted coffee, creatively prepared and served with comfy couches to do your people watching from.

Bogata? Cartagena? Medellin? So many great cities to explore.

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