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When Should we Take the Kids?

Heading into Africa is a mind-blowing experience for every age group, but when you’re traveling with children, parents often wonder, "What age is the right age to go on safari?" Here’s our advice: 

Under 9: Even if you’ve got a good little traveler at home, the long flights and long days chasing animals in wild jeep rides through safari country may be a little much for this age group. Certainly, families will need to move at a slower pace to help break up the trip for wee ones. 

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Ages 10-tween: Ten-year-olds are very impressionable. Their brains are growing quickly, their attention span is increasing, and they can handle more independent thought – events and skills learned at this age have a habit of staying with children for years. If your 10- to 12-year-old is mature enough to handle long-haul travel, a safari is a great eye-opener. Not only will The Lion King come to life before their eyes, but also it’s a fantastic introduction to new cultures, new environments, and different ways of life.

Ages 13-18: Perhaps the perfect time for rough-and-ready safari trips is when you’ve got teenagers to enthrall. Not only are they now big enough that you can trust they won’t fall out of open-top jeeps but also they will be spellbound by the visceral reality of a safari. It may also be the only time you see them up before dawn for early-morning game drives. Make sure your safari includes cultural visits to nearby villages. There’s an opportunity for intellectual growth for your teen every day on safari. 

Make memories you’ll be talking about for the rest of your lives. 

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