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When do I Need to Book?

If surviving a pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we don’t want to wait to see the world. But lots of travelers have had this revelation! Here’s our advice:

2 Years Out: Destinations for time-specific events such as Japan for its spring cherry blossoms or Rio de Janeiro for Carnival. More time is also needed for limited-capacity destinations, such as hiking Machu Picchu in Peru or gorilla tracking in Uganda. 

1 Year Out: In the post-Covid travel landscape, a full year is ideal for safaris and cruises to ensure you get the safari camps and sailing itineraries you love, especially if you plan to travel during the high season or holidays. Booking a year in advance means you’ll also likely get the weeks you want at top heli-ski outfitters.

6-Months Out: Most beach and ski destinations don’t require as much time to lock down the best accommodations. But if your visit includes a must-see museum exhibit or show, book as soon as you can.

Visit your dream destination when you want to see it.

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