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We're Geeking Out Over These Travel Gadgets!

You’ve booked your flights, your hotel, your local guides… now don’t forget those travel gadgets that make your getaway just a little bit easier. Here’s a few that we can’t live without.

The Charger
You’ve got iPads, phones, tablets, cameras, GoPros, laptops – so many cords and so many plugs! Charging is easier and quicker with this multi-port power bank that has every connection you need, and maybe a few you didn’t know you needed. The flat top deck of the Omni 20+ lets users fast-charge their cellphones, too.


The Indispensable Cable

You could call the inCharge®6 the Swiss Army knife of charging cables. This key-ring cable device is a winner. With six different ends and connecting possibilities, it doesn’t matter if you do leave your original cord at home or forget it in the wall of your last hotel room. It weighs less than an ounce but still manages to allow for power transfers from phone to phone or wireless earbuds or any other device.

The Smartphone Lens

If you’re no longer packing a DSLR, then pick up the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for your phone. No matter if it’s an iPhone or an Android, these macro and wide-angle lenses will take your average phone photo to the next level. The lens – attached to a lanyard so you can hang it around your neck for easy access – clamps over your phone lens quickly and snuggly with soft rubber pads.


The Ear Buds

You may already have noise-cancelling headphones (though if you don’t, the Bose QuietComfort® Earbuds will be a game changer on your next flight). Do you also need help to fall asleep in your hotel room? Subtle, sleek and oh-so-comfortable, the next generation of Bose Sleepbuds™ II help you snooze off that jet lag. Unlike headphones, the Sleepbuds do not stream music but use the Bose Sleep app to play soothing sound and white noise to send you into slumber no matter where you lay your head.

Let’s make that trip happen, no matter where you want to recharge your inner battery.


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