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Turkey: Gateway to the East

Amazing food, natural beauty, and ancient culures

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Istanbul Grand Bazaar

Rediscovering Türkiye

Istanbul and the coastal towns of Bodrum and Antalya (famous for beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters) are waiting. It’s time to go back to Türkiye, a country rich in culture, adventure and natural beauty.

The February earthquake that ravaged the southeastern region is not close to many travelers' must-see destinations. More importantly, your tourism dollars help to rebuild the economy. Since tourism is such a large employer, employees will put your tips and excursion fees to good use, as many who live in the affected regions have left to find work in tourist centers. And there is so much to see in Türkiye!

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Golden Horn Bay, Istanbul | Kaputas Beach, Antalya

Most travelers have already heard about the bucket-list beauty of a Cappadocia balloon ride as it soars over the area’s "fairy chimneys." After a day of exploring the ancient underground cities cut into the landscape’s soft rock below, stepping into a balloon basket to see the sun rise far above this UNESCO region is something no traveler soon forgets. Now is the time to book that unforgettable lifetime moment.

Another one of those mind-blowing moments might be watching the dance-like worship practiced by the Mevlevilik Sufi order: the Whirling dervishes. The spellbinding movements are also recognized by UNESCO as part of the world’s important and intangible human history.

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Cappadocia | Whirling Dervishes

History buffs should make their way along the Mediterranean coast to the hilltop Simena Castle, or Kalekoy. Wander up through the town that’s built itself around the ruin, built in the Byzantine style on top of a foundation from the Lycian era. The views and fascinating small city built around it are worth adding to your itinerary.

The Turkish bath is another must-do – beloved by locals, hammams are found all over the country. It’s a traditional foam massage and a scrub like no other. Once you arrive with your towel, let locals show you the right protocols for a truly immersive experience into their culture.

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Kalekoy, Antalya | Travertine Pools and Terraces in Pamukkale

And if you love a good spa, how about a mineral soak in pools believed to have been enjoyed by Cleopatra herself? The white limestone cliffs and sparkling mineral pools of Pamukkale have been popular since ancient times. The brilliantly white healing waters are found in Türkiye’s Inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes valley.

It's time to start planning and book ahead to take advantage of the dollar’s strength against the Turkish lira. The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul is waiting.

New memories await you in Türkiye. Let's design your ideal vacation!

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