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Traveling to Europe in 2024?

New, and easy changes in Visa rules coming

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Pula Arena, Croatia

How European Travel is Changing Next Year

If there’s one question travel advisors have been getting more of lately – it’s concerns about the new Visa rules for Europe. Visa-free travel to Europe is ending in January 2024 for Americans and Canadians. (We’re not the only ones, New Zealanders and Australians are affected too.)

The new fee isn’t much – about 7 euros (around $8) and the forms are easily filled out online. Most travelers should get approval quickly, but it could take up to four days or longer. All ages must apply for the visa and once approved the visa is good for multiple entries for up to three years. The new process and fees are an attempt to tighten border security and keep a digital eye on travelers’ comings and goings.

If you’ve already got bookings overseas or hope to make them, give us a call to see how easy it is to ensure your group is visa-ready for 2024.

 Let’s sort through the details of your upcoming European travel.


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