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The Thing About Cruises

Sailing the high seas with your room, meals, and some onboard activities included in one price may sound like the easiest vacation plan around.


While it does make things easier once you're on board, there's a lot that goes into the planning so that all goes smoothly. This is why we suggest a chat with a travel advisor.


For starters, you must choose ships, itineraries, cabin categories, dining times, and much more. Then there's multiple rate codes, refundable vs. non-refundable reservations and guaranteed cabins vs. cabins with free perks.


And when do you want to go? We can find out the best times of year to travel, shore excursions and make sure any special onboard needs are taken care of. Then, we can help with flights to and from the port and arrange pre- and post-cruise stays.


Don't forget about the perks we get, such as onboard credits, photos, bottles of wine, pre-boarding, and complimentary dinners in specialty restaurants, and more.

Want help navigating the best options? With some pre-cruise talks, you could be sailing in no time.

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