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The Delights of Spring Await

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Spring Break is Closer Than You Think

Winter season is in full swing, so of course (but perhaps counter-intuitively), it’s the perfect time to book your Spring Break escape!

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We always love Europe - March is one of the most geomagnetically active months of the year, making the skies dance with the Northern Lights in places such as Norway and Finland. Dog sled and ski and snowshoe in the day, then when the skies darken, look up for those ethereal green waves – even the teens will admit it’s pretty incredible.

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London | Hôtel Madame Rêve, Paris | Waldorf Astoria, Amsterdam

Elsewhere in Europe, consider combining cities: after fish-n-chips feasts in London and a ride around the London Eye, take the high-speed train through the Chunnel and spend a few days searching out the flakiest croissants in Paris. Still not ready to go home? The canals of Amsterdam (not to mention those sweet stroopwafels and a paper cone of fries served with mayonnaise or curry ketchup) are a three-hour train ride away.

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The Ritz-Carlton Maui, Kapalua

Seeking sunshine and scenic beauty? Mexico and the Caribbean offer vibrant destinations, but don't forget that Hawaii is always a top choice for surf and sand. Western and southern Maui are eager to welcome back visitors. Vacationers are at an all-time low on the island, and the high-end resort areas from Ma'alaea to Wailea are untouched by the fires. The famously gorgeous road to Hana is also open and largely unscathed. There may be no better time to maneuver those hairpin bends and stunning coastal views.

Think warm thoughts and get your travel family

ready for Spring Break.

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