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The Brightest Celebrations

Around the World

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VanDusen Festival of Lights

The Brightest Celebrations Around the World

Stepping into the holiday season, cities around the world transform with spectacular light displays. It's a celebration of sparkle and spirit, and we've curated a list of the world's most breathtaking light festivals to inspire your holiday travels for 2024.

VanDusen Festival of Lights, Vancouver, Canada

Experience a winter wonderland where millions of twinkling lights transform the botanical gardens into an enchanting fairy-tale escape. The VanDusen Festival of Lights is a hallmark of Vancouver’s holiday season, inviting visitors to stroll through themed areas and enjoy the dancing light shows on Livingstone Lake.

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Oxford Street

Oxford Street, London, England

The iconic shopping haven glitters under a canopy of Christmas lights, with window displays that rival the sparkling decorations overhead. Oxford Street offers a festive feast for the eyes and a quintessential London holiday experience.

Canyon Road Farolito Walk, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Embrace a unique Southwestern tradition as Santa Fe's historic art district lights up with farolitos (small, sand-filled bags with votive candles) and luminarias (bonfires), creating a warm, inviting glow along the adobe walls and snowy streets.

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Canyon Road Farolito Walk | Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

Step into the magical gardens where fairy lights drape the trees and historic buildings. Rides, food stalls, and a Christmas market add to the festive atmosphere, making Tivoli Gardens a beloved seasonal destination.

Amsterdam Light Festival, The Netherlands

Amsterdam's historic canals are the backdrop for a floating parade of light sculptures and installations. Artists from around the world contribute to this open-air exhibition, making it a global highlight of the holiday season.

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Luci d'Artista

Luci d'Artista, Salerno, Italy

Wander through Salerno’s charming streets adorned with artist-designed light installations. Each display is a blend of illumination and imagination, turning the coastal city into a luminous gallery of contemporary art.

Let's make your holidays brighter than ever!

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