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Raise a Toast to Travel

Can you really say you’ve been to Brazil if you haven’t sipped a caipirinha and watched the sunset? The refreshing muddled blend of cachaça, limes, and brown sugar is the country’s national drink. No matter where you go, live and libate like a local—and let us know if we missed your favorite!

Peru/Chile: The Pisco Sour is a tart, sweet, silky, herbaceous cocktail to savor, and when you need a nonalcoholic boost, the caffeine in a yerba maté tea is just the ticket.

India: Ordering gin and tonic in the country of the cocktail’s origin is a true travel moment, particularly when it’s served with a salty snack and a grand view. For a refreshment that skips the alcohol, you can’t beat a mango lassi, a thick blend of mango, yogurt, milk, sugar, and cardamom.

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Bali: It’s never hard to find someone with a machete at the ready to slice open a fresh green coconut—all you need to do next is stick in a straw and sip—ahhhh! You also can’t go far without seeing someone drinking Bintang—a pale lager that’s likely the most popular beer in Indonesia.

Singapore: Kopi, or coffee, is the national drink here, and kopitiams (coffee shops) are a way of life—the default order is made with sweetened condensed milk and is simply delicious. But it wouldn’t be a proper visit without a drink at the Raffles Hotel Long Bar—home to the Singapore sling, where the sweet cocktail is served in souvenir glasses.

Here's to raising a glass in a new destination. 

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