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Packing for COVID-19-Friendly Travel

Even those travelers who have packing down to an art form will find they may need a little prep to ensure they have all they need to stay safe when traveling during these uncertain times. Here are a few must-haves for your 2020 COVID-19 Packing List:

Masks—Whether you’re traveling by car, plane or train, you’ll need to bring several masks along on your next trip. You may also want to consider bringing a travel-sized laundry detergent to soak and rinse your masks in the sink each evening.

Disposable gloves—Play it safe and bring along plenty of disposable gloves that you can use when getting gas at gas stations, wiping down your airline seat or cleaning knobs and surfaces in your hotel room. When you're done sanitizing your environment, simply toss the old gloves in the nearest garbage container.

Travel-size hand sanitizer—TSA has eased up on their regulations and will allow travelers to carry on up to 12 oz. containers of hand sanitizer. When you can’t wash your hands in the sink with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use hand sanitizer to minimize (if not eliminate) the spread of germs.

Disinfectant wipes—Use 70 percent alcohol wipes to judicially wipe down your airline seat, rental car, hotel room, etc. Also, don’t forget to disinfect your credit or debit card after use.

Snacks—Sometimes it’s easier and safer to bring along your own snacks. Think individual-sized nuts packets, protein bars and other healthy treats that don’t require refrigeration.

Thermometer—Feeling a little weary while traveling? It’s nice to be able to check your body temperature, at the very least to avoid the onset of COVID paranoia.

Keys, Wallet, Phone—While these items would normally travel in your pocket, travel experts encourage you to put them in your carry-on luggage when going through TSA. That way you can avoid using the unsanitized airport bins.

There's a lot to consider when traveling today. If we can help answer any questions or offer firsthand tips about how to stay safe and enjoy your trip, please let us know.

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