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Old Favorites: New Experiences

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Paris, France

Exploring Old Favorites in a New Way

Returning to visit destinations you first fell in love with as a traveler may be one of the best reasons to pack your bag. Seeing how a city or a region has changed over time can take visitors down memory lane while wandering the backstreets of London, the traboules of Lyon, or Rome’s vias and vicolos.

If you explored Bali as a backpacker or hosteled your way through Europe in your youth, it might be time to revisit these destinations in a new way. Let us help you upgrade your stay and experience the charm of these places with a touch of luxury. You can soak up the atmosphere and history of grand old hotels in Paris, Budapest, and Copenhagen, or indulge in a lavish resort in Bali.

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Uluwatu Temple, Bali | Four Seasons, Whistler | Hotel Cafe Royal, London | Budapest

If you hiked and camped your way through the Rockies – settle into a luxury lodge on this visit to admire those views in comfort. See these cities and mountains again, but see them in style. And see them with someone new!

Sharing your favorite places with new people in your life lets you explore them in a new way. Traveling with children and grandchildren may encourage you to embrace a more leisurely pace, and that’s precisely why you’ve come back – to savor the places that kickstarted your wanderlust.

Tell us about your treasured destinations.

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