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Let’s Skip Right to the Heart of SkipGen Travel

Grandparents who want to make up for lost time with their grandchildren are scooping them up and heading out to explore the world—leaving the kids’ time-stretched parents at home. SkipGen travel is becoming one of the best ways to reestablish family bonds that grew thin during the isolation and lockdowns of the pandemic. SkipGen travel works so well because it combines two generations with oodles of free time (once school is out).

Whether you’re showing the grandkids your favorite ports of call on a cruise, castle hopping through Europe, or watching their confidence grow on horseback at a ranch out west—this is your chance to experience new things together that brings such joy.

Younger children love beach days, no matter where you want to walk in the surf—expose them to new cultures and new foods in new countries. With older grandchildren, build a trip around historic sights in your own country or across the globe—seeing Petra or the great pyramids in real life is more memorable than reading about them in textbooks.

You will need to start planning now for next summer, while there’s lots more availability in resorts and ranches and castles. Booking ahead gives you all something to look forward to and plan for. Just imagine the epic "What I Did This Summer" school essay the grandchildren will write after you’ve taken them traveling.

Making lifelong memories with the young people you love the most.

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