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Italy's Roads Less Traveled

Vineyards, secluded lakes, and many other hidden gems

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Barbaresco, Piedmont, Italy

Taking the Roads Less Traveled

If you’ve fallen in love with Italy, you’ve likely heard that exploring it is "a lifetime of travel." Your first visit is a mind-blowing taste, and your second is a slower absorption of la dolce vita. But your third (and beyond) becomes a delicious deep dive into the regions, history and culture.

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 Barolo, Piedmont, Italy | Barolo Wine

Popular destinations in Italy often face the issue of overcrowding and it can be quite a challenge to secure a booking due to their high demand. Smart travelers, however, know to skip the overtouristed hot spots and head into the real Italy.

Spend time, for example, in the Piedmont northern wine region – raise a glass (or several) of full-bodied reds at wineries on day trips from the picturesque villages of Barolo and Barbaresco. Both are day trips from Turin, where you’ll want to pick up a box of candied Pastiglie Leone while wandering this historic regional capital.

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White Truffle Pasta | Turin, Italy

In October, the allure of the Langhe region lies not just in its undulating hills, but also in the precious white truffle that draws enthusiasts from all corners. The wine region is dotted with hilltop towns, each boasting a remarkable castle. Hiking between the vineyards is an excellent way to explore slowly and let the charms of the region take hold. These areas may be lesser traveled but high-end accommodations and luxury amenities are easily found.

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 Lake Garda | Scaligero Castle, Sirmione

Lake Garda, though often overlooked in favor of the more famous Lake Como, presents an equally mesmerizing experience. Its captivating turquoise waters, vineyards, and age-old olive groves reflect a remarkable fusion of natural splendor and rich history. Engage in a variety of water sports, amble through the historic town of Sirmione, or hike the picturesque trails of the Monte Baldo range. Lake Garda matches Lake Como's opulence with its own selection of boutique hotels and gourmet restaurants, promising a truly authentic Italian experience.

Ready to explore Italy beyond the standard itinerary?

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