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Ideas for the Vaccinated and

Non-Vaccinated Traveler

Where you can go and what you can do

Knowing where in the world you can even travel these days is a constant struggle.

While monitoring ever-changing entry requirements is our job to handle during the trip planning process, keeping up on your own is highly suggested. Visiting the CDC’s  "Travel Recommendations by Destination" page is a good place to start. That said, here are some destination ideas for the vaccinated and non-vaccinated traveler.  

Vaccinated travelers —As a vaccinated person, you are rewarded with more options and can occasionally bypass the negative COVID test entry requirement to be admitted to some countries. Go island-hopping off the coast of Greece, or explore the historically beautiful streets of Vienna. Iceland and Tahiti also top the list of countries open solely to vaccinated travelers.  

Unvaccinated travelers — While this isn’t encouragement to not travel abroad, remember that domestic destinations are your friend! The U.S. is a big place, and there are plenty of historic cities, white sand beaches and national parks to explore within our borders. With low infection rates and open borders, African countries like Botswana and Tanzania are perfect to check a safari off your bucket list.  

No matter your situation, as your travel agent, we will work with you to navigate entry requirements and find the perfect destination for your next vacation.  

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