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Holiday Travel Tips: How to Destress Your Travel

The holiday season is a busy, stressful time to travel. When you book your visit with family and friends with us, it becomes our job to make your trip as effortless as possible. However, here are a few recommended tips to make your season merry.

Avoid peak travel dates — Consider traveling on the actual holiday to beat crowds and get a better fare.

Make plans for Fluffy— Book a reservation for pets with your favorite pet sitter or local kennel as soon as you have your travel dates.

Plot connections carefully — If you have to make connections, plan for some extra time during the holidays. Airports are busy, people are pre-occupied and you never know what's going to be happening with the weather.

Plan for parking — Lots get full; shuttles run late. Take a cab or Uber if you can to avoid the extra stress.

Leave early — Holiday season means extra traffic, longer security lines and lots of amateur travelers so arrive early to avoid getting caught in holiday delays.

Be prepared for travel mishaps — Have phone numbers for everything: your hotel, your car rental agency, your airline, friends and family at your destination, etc. Download travel apps on your phone so you can check in on your phone and download your boarding passes.

Be patient and flexible - Not everything always goes your way. Flights get delayed (or cancelled), reservations are misplaced, service providers are cranky. A good attitude goes a long way, so try to stay positive!

Nobody likes the hassles that can come up during holiday travel. But you can leave knowing that the game-changing details have been handled by your travel advisor.

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