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Here’s How To Make Air Travel Less Stressful

In addition to booking clients into VIP meet-and-greet airport services, we can also set you straight on the best add-ons to make your journey more enjoyable. Here's a list of the latest travel accessories to help make sure your luggage is safe and sound.

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Many are quite taken by the baggage tracking company BlueRibbonBags. This service keeps an eye on your bag every step of the way to ensure it doesn’t get completely lost – and pays out $1,000 if it does.



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Another favorite is Ship Sticks, a courier service created to deliver golf clubs worry-free, but it’s also great for sending skis and luggage to your destination – making sure they arrive at the same time you do. Even better, this white-glove service picks up your bags so you don’t need to drag them through the airport or worry that your airline or airport might mislay them on the journey.



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If you’d rather DIY it, check out the Apple AirTag. These keychain-style tags are about $40 and use Bluetooth signals that sync up with your iPhone’s Find My app so you can follow along in real-time.


We know how to smooth out the bumps of air travel. 

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