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Ditch The Selfie

We all want that perfect Insta-worthy photo in front of the Eiffel Tower, on the blue steps in Chefchaouen, Morocco, or under the fragrant cherry blossoms in Shanghai. After all, our social media channels have become our collective travel diaries, and no souvenir can ever evoke our sensorial memories the way a photo can.

If you've been relying on selfie sticks or passing strangers to help you take the perfect photo, you know the disappointments of cut-off heads, photo bombers and blurry shots that no amount of filtering can fix. Why not consider taking your vacation photography up a notch by hiring a destination photography company? You can pose for editorial-quality shots in the locations of your choice—at a reasonable price and in quick sessions that won't eat into your cherished vacation time. The photographers are professional, vetted, talented and, best of all, locals.

During photo sessions that last only a few hours, you may even be treated to impromptu mini-tours of locations and glean insights into where the locals hang out and nearby must-sees. Booking is easy. We can help you find the photographers, then you choose your favorite, based on their bios and examples of their work. And, you can decide where you want your pictures taken. For example, when in Rome, think the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, or the Spanish Steps. Contact us (link) now to get your photographer booked.

After a fun and relaxing mini-photo session of both candid and posed shots, your gorgeous photos are delivered right to your inbox, share-ready, usually within five days. Not only will you have great shots from your vacation, but you've now got pictures for your holiday card, too. Done…and done!

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