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Australia this Festive Season!

Escape the cool of a Northern Winter this festive season and head to the warm summer of Australia. Imagine swimming in the clear warm water of Bondi Beach or feasting on local delicacies at an open air restaurant, Australia has it all and in droves. Summer in Australia and celebrating the holiday season in the land down under will surely bring a myriad of those “Once in a Lifetime” experiences that we dream of. Now is the perfect time to be planning and here are 6 reasons for experiencing Australia this festive season.


Summer officially starts in Australia on December 1. The hot days and warm nights slowly build in the lead up to Christmas. Christmas lunches in Australia tend to be cold fresh seafood which is much better aligned to the hot Australian Summer. Christmas Lunch by the beach would probably be the most quintessential Aussie experience. Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel are hosting a 4-course Christmas lunch including alcoholic beverages.


Australia is the biggest Island in the world with some of the best beaches in the world. From Bondi to Byron Bay you are sure to find one that suits. And when you do, throw on your swimmers and thongs and join the throng of people enjoying the wonderful Australian Beach Culture. One of the best beaches in Sydney is Bondi Beach. In the past our guests would typically spend 30 minutes at Bondi, now they are spending all day or staying overnight to see more of this beach side mecca.


Of course with the warmer weather it is also is the best time to be enjoying outdoor activities as part of your experience. Learn to Surf on Bondi Beach, hike the Blue Mountains or Mountain Bike along Manlys coastline. Whatever your heart desires, the warm weather is the perfect time to be outdoors. Maybe catch a classic movie at one of the many outdoor cinemas located throughout Australia. One of my favourites is located in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. Each year a floating stage is erected at Farm Cove in Sydney Harbour. Imagine sitting back on a warm evening watching your favourite classic movie with the silhouette of Sydney’s Skyline in the background.


Sydney is one of the best NYE celebration in the world. What began as a few small fireworks displays a number of years ago has turned into an International event. Book early and reserve your seat for the best view in the house. This is easily the biggest event on Sydney’s calendar last year attracting a crowd of around 1.5 million spectators and a television viewing audience of 1 billion people. There are 2 firework displays, one at 9pm and the second display at midnight of course. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the main focal point of the fireworks with waterfalls of fire tumbling off the main deck. There are great viewing locations and several vantage points on and around. Our recommendation would be to charter your own yacht for the night.


Some of Australia’s best restaurants are enjoyed under the warm night time sky. Cafe Sydney offers stunning views of Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge as you sit on an open air terrace. Balmoral, a little beach town suburb in the city's north, has several restaurants on the beach. We recommend the Public Dining Room. You can book a private water taxi to and from the city which makes it extra special.


Summertime in Australia is the start of the International Cricket season. As traditional as VB Beer and Meat Pies, catching a game of cricket is part of the Australian vernacular. The boxing day test in Melbourne attracts a crowd of over 90,000 people at the Melbourne Cricket Ground as well as a huge television audience. Spending just one day at this 5 day game is one of the most unique Australian experiences you are likely to have. And of course the Australian Open Tennis Championship starts at the Rod Laver Tennis Arena in Melbourne. This world class event is one of the 4 International Championship Tennis events held each year along side Wimbledon, the US open and the French open. Melbourne knows how to put on a major sporting event and it is certainly an exciting time to be in Melbourne.

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